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Kentas of London has a successful reputation for supplying the highest quality food service products at competitive prices with flexible delivery options to suit our customers.

The Kentas Catalogue and web site provide details of the range of products that we supply categorised into chronological sections, together with ever changing details for new products and periodic special offers. If you need anything that is not listed, please ask our sales team and we will try and accommodate your requirements.

We hope you are excited by what we have to offer and will allow us to show that working with Kentas can be profitable, enjoyable and straightforward.

Offers of the month

New Prawn Skewers

These new 1kg Prawn Skewers are perfect for any occasion, weather your having a BBQ or just a nice meal with family and friends, and with about 16 skewers per pack there will defiantly be enough to go round. These will not disappoint you!! But hurry, limited stock ONLY!!!!!

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Sierra Olive Oil 1Ltr

This Oil of golden-yellow colour, and an aroma that is reminiscent of apple and almond taste. A sweet taste with medium intensity. Sweet taste, is just perfect for when you are in the kitchen. going at good price of just £3.75 each. But buy 12 bottles and only pay £3.50 each!   what a DEAL!

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Mindi’s Crisps

BUY THREE BOXES AND GET ONE FREE! crunchy crisp with an Indian twist, combining the finest British potatoes with Mindi’s authentic flavours from Northern India.The spuds, which are grown and carefully hand-selected on the farm in East Anglia.sliced and hand cooked in sunflower oil before dusting them with Mindi’s unique combinations of Western flavours and exotic Eastern spices. What’s more, they’re gluten free and suitable for vegans,vegetarians and celiacs.With NO artificial flavours, colours, msg or preservatives. We have a range of 4 different flavours which come in boxes of 24x40g: - Classic Tandoori - Indian Sweet Chilli - Pan Fried Chilli's with Lime - Spicy Lime & Pickle

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Black Tiger Prawns 16/20 Shell On

If you love Seafood then you will love these deliciouse Black Tiger Prawns shell on 16/20. Perfect for any seafood dish or weather you just want a plate of tasty prawns. They come frozen so you can have as many as like and still have some stored away for the next time. They come in 1kg box, and for £6.50 only, thats not a bad price. DONE MISS OUT!

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Southern Fried Chicken burgers

These delicious Southern fried chicken burgers are lovely for any meal! there are packed with flavour and with a nice little crunch to the top layer, will certainly bring warmth to you. These long lasting burgers come frozen, and come in packs of 10x4oz. Perfect either in a bun or with chips and beans.

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